Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finding the pleasures...

… in domestic life. They are modest and sometimes hard to spot, though easy enough to repeat, a thing which perhaps prevents them from becoming joy, but they are what we have. The ritual of living, of learning how.

I have been utilizing the new coffee maker, the Vitamix, and all manner of pots and pans. With a free day ahead of me, I am considering spending it cooking. That is what my life has become. I've had worse times, like the Tuesdays and Wednesday after.

I made fruit smoothies this morning. The locally raised strawberries were so fresh and red and sweet that I thought to take a picture, pulling out an old macro lens to take it. 

I will go to to the market soon, after having chosen a recipe, then spend part of the afternoon in the kitchen cooking, though for whom I could not possibly say. 

Me, I guess. Me.


1 comment:

  1. Those strawberries remind me of the first time I took ecstasy. I was in the city. It was late. I was with my friend Susan in the Village I'm sure after a night in the clubs. In a tiny, tiny, tiny kitchen. There was a bowl of strawberries in a white bowl on the table. Someone tipped it and the strawberries poured out on the table and all I could do was be mesmerized by the utter and extreme beauty of the color, texture, movement of the tumbling berries.

    I really liked the post you did for CS's birthday. It seemed perfect.