Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Storm Gods

Easter was nice. It was a Spring day, somewhere in the 70s and clear, the sky a robin's egg blue. Yesterday it was 90 degrees. The sky seemed more bright than soft. If I am robbed of my Spring by a lingering Winter then I will stop paying my daily tithings to Zeus. No more indulgences for lazy ol' lighting bolt. 

I realize now how important the two party political system is to America, and how vital. I've never wanted one side to just win every election in perpetuity. That doesn't seem as if it would result in anything preferable. As corrupt as so many of them are it is best to have some harsh critics of each side in positions of power on the other side. I almost feel better with how much they hate each other. When they worked together it made me nervous. You call it obstructionism, I call it the delicate balance between incompetence and criminality. A government should mistrust its members. What the fuck are they doing otherwise?

I started asking myself why I even care about politics. The answer became clear to me while on my 90 degree bike ride yesterday: it's because my life lacks most all other experiences. I rarely get to experience art or music. I do not seek enlightenment. So, I sit at home and browse newsfeeds.

What I have discovered by spending my days looking at newsfeeds:

- The Trump "Pee Tape" is very real and the only thing preventing us from seeing it is because it is actively being used as blackmail. Kompromat

That's the only thing that really matters. A bunch of hookers pissed on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama slept on, because at that time neither of them had birth certificates, so that is the custom in Moscow when such a thing is discovered. If they find you with a fake birth certificate then bear prostitutes are brought in. 

It's true, this is really the world we live in. Never before has there been such a robust set of conspiracies to help get us through the otherwise boring work day.