Tuesday, April 9, 2019

All is forgiven

The clouds have let up and left me. An app on my phone tells me that the sun will stay around for a week, maybe more. I can't see beyond the next seven days with it. Happiness from above for the foreseeable calendar row. I have pardoned winter of all its federal crimes. 

I borrowed a camera from a friend, an Olympus XA2 I think. I left a half-shot roll of film in it when I gave it back, which he finally had processed and scanned. The images were all crap but there were a couple of the boy and I, a photographic rarity. If you'll notice I have a camera in my hands in the images, a manual Nikon, if you must know how intolerable my interests can be on those I go hiking and have lunches with. The pics were taken by mom. 

We ran into some people we knew on this hike and I shot a few frames of them with the Nikon. I remember it well because they both looked uneasy posing for the picture. A few months later we heard the rumor of divorce in the winds, a mention that has been swept under the ol' proverbial family rug since. 

The pics are now part of an ever growing stack in my closet.