Saturday, April 13, 2019

Photographic Vérité

Fancy Pet Portraits. That's the name that I would try to get a business license with, if I wasn't confident that someone had already applied for it. I have been practicing my "spiritual speak" lately, to prepare to interact with my clientele. I make sure to always talk about "capturing your cat's true animal essence." I explain to people that my role sits somewhere between artistry and the dark arts of being a psychic medium. They seem to love this. 

I have put into motion a plan to buy myself a new computer, an Apple iMac. They are tremendously overpriced but what is one to do? Familiarity and ease of use apparently win out. I reached out to an old friend that works at Apple for a discount, which helps greatly. It will be nice to have a computer that I can run Lighroom and Ableton Live on. I'll be dangerous again. 

I have never processed most of my images out of the camera. Or, if so then I have just used the "magic wand" specializer that is stock in Apple's Photo app. I realize how tremendously lame this is, to invest so much time, energy, and money into photography, but to ignore the apps that can allow for so much more. 

What can I do? I love snapshots.