Friday, June 17, 2016

Less rote

Being online so much is flattening the thoughts of my life. It is not only social media, but it is far too much of that. All day my head is leaning towards a computer screen, interacting with other humans in the most abbreviated way possible, just short of using code rather than language. I'm not very good at it. Too old, probably. Only recently did somebody get me to start using emoticons, which I now find cute and useful.

I detect some odd new flattening in my ability to feel. The depth to which I can now respond has been diminished. I am left with the memory of sensing life more fully. Perhaps it is only age. When I write or speak about my age I am gently reminded not to. Maybe it is not me, at all, but other people that make me feel this way.

Less rote, more dynamism.