Monday, June 27, 2016

"I wish life could be Swedish magazines"

I have realized that I am not arguing against all people with guns. I am mostly arguing with just one or two of them. I think many liberals are probably the same, or similar. There is just this one gun owner whose rights they want to take away, or maybe a small few. You know, to shut them up, and celebrate equality and freedom. Freedom from the present and future rights of others. 

I know that I would. 

If I could forgo my right to own a gun, and by doing so that would deprive one other person from also being able to legally own a gun, then I would do it without blinking. I have a short list already made in the unlikely event that day ever arrives.

I think that's how it should work, anyway, sort of a sponsor program. I give up my rights to own a gun and then I'm free to pick someone that then also loses that right. 

It's a form of democracy.

What I would like even more is for Congress to amend the constitution and define the term "well regulated militia" as a secondary amendment to augment the actual second one. Doing away with the amendment need not be necessary, just creating a very clear definition of what is meant by the phrase "well regulated militia" and what it means to participate in one should solve the problem in so many ways. Then, we'll have a lot of people serving their state in the way that they are simply dying to. 

Like the Bundy clan, we can all participate in local politics. 

Okay, enough gun talk. It's only a matter of time before I use the word "rapist" again. Talk about a word that is far worse than "cunt"... I know, I shouldn't, but in the conversational effort towards equality... I often hear something like this, "It's not fair! There's no word that a woman can call a man that's as bad as 'The C word'..."

Yes there is.

I was going to discuss the new push to have women register for the draft, an initiative that is stalling in the house, presumably because they do not believe in equality. 

I'm against conscription for everybody, of course, though I'm much more against it being for only one portion of the population, divided on the imaginary binary lines of sex or gender. I only like the idea of having women register if men have to, also. The issue forces an issue, one way or another.

I just don't like the idea of our government using the draft, at all, or even having it at their disposal. In a world of opportunities... I am far more in favor of doing away with selective service altogether. 

The cry for "Equality" is often as much about subsuming power as it is about fairness. This specific issue will reveal that better than most. Equality of opportunity in death and disfigurement. Let's see who's willing to argue for equality now.

Ladies, your nation-state may one day need you. Do it for Sweden!

Few, I would think, want such a thing to come to fruition. But the absence of a reasonable argument against it will create some fresh comedy for a bit. 

I remember having to register when I was 18, and I remember not wanting to, but knowing that in 1986 Ronald Reagan himself might kick me in the balls if I didn't. It was a great time for liberal bashing, and still stands as a reminder to how fucked up things can become when we give people like Tipper Gore a public voice. It's a slippery slope, one that seems to end with Donald Palin.

Or, that is the cry of hope.

There used to be a nearly invisible thread that allowed two-way communication between soup cans, when pulled taut. Kids knew where to find them and just how to hold them. I wonder if, and hope that, kids are still able to find a way to be subversive as they hit that age. Online communication seems to have the most stifling effect on thought and behavior. The capacity for nearly universal shaming placed in the hands of the most most reckless, vindictive, and cruel age group is a wonder that makes little sense, though nothing can be stopped. What is now called socialization means something very different than what it has meant to me. The dynamic of the nervous system, the capacity for empathy and understanding, has been modified to now include reddit.

What this space can not abbreviate, it then obliterates. There seems to be a diminishing hope for the unhindered use of the mind, though perhaps that is only how I feel. What the medium itself can not destroy, the well connected mob can hunt down and denounce at will, with its tell-tale throng ferocity.