Sunday, June 12, 2016


At least one muslim has spoken concerning his opinions on homosexuality. That should stop men from kissing one another in public now, once and for all. He showed them. 

Oh, I know, I know... we're never supposed to question the religion in these situations. Religion doesn't kill people, guns do. We all know that people kill people, and they should be allowed to buy the very best in guns to do so. Because guns are just effective tools to complement ideas. The official cause of death won't be "gun shot wound" it will be "dangerous proximity to an armed religious fellow."

This is why homosexuals should arm themselves to the teeth. There should be guns hidden in every pair of pants. That's the only sensible response-as-solution. Just imagine if there would have been even one concealed carrier license in that nightclub…. Then this night might have ended up with fewer casualties than Sandy Hook, which is almost like a victory in such matters.

People are idiotic; admittedly, myself included. I need to get one of those "Coexist" bumper stickers that make life easier for everybody. Just to look at it and agree sends a wave of pleasure across the self-satisfied portions of my mind. It's practically Jedi in its mysterious power. Coexist. Do you see how easy that concept is? I think it would be funny if the image inverted the cross to make it Constantine's, because few things echo the sentiment of coincidental tolerance as does the image of a crusader's sword. 

Here, for those of you that don't live in California. This is a popular bumper sticker:

I love the mixed male/female e, just reminding men and women that we may have been born into different sexual and gender roles, but we can still find a way to allow for each other's doctrines to exist. I love most of all that the Hindus have once again been completely ignored, unless you believe that the peace symbol has something to do with India's nuclear arms program… The word is missing a dove and an olive branch also, but other than that it is complete and perfect. It suspends thought, as it is designed. 

Plurality, to a point! I say. I love living a multicultural semblance of American life, I just don't like all the extremists that this lifestyle sometimes allows for. Few enough seem to understand the embedded irony in the use of the preceding "Co" in the word. What is mutual, or treated as equal, among those symbols. Shouldn't the whole phrase end in an ankh or a question mark? At the very least to counter-balance the nuclear disarmament symbol. 

If I could find or make a "Coefficient" bumper sticker that resembled the one above then I would be as happy as I have ever been. 

Had the killer only seen this bumper sticker on his way to Orlando then tragedy might have been diverted into a deeper understanding of equality between his gender and his religion, as all of the gay gods always agree.

Who knows. 

I have mixed opinions on most of these issues. I'm not so liberal that I refuse to recognize the danger of religion, and not so constitutionally minded to also recognize that there should be something far greater than new gun laws put in place, if not the 2nd amendment to be repealed outright, or involvement with a militia to become a requirement. Either way would be fascinating to watch. I have pretended to be "pro-gun-choice" publicly, mostly to open the conversation up a bit. The real pro-gun folks won't even talk to you unless you take a 2nd amendment vow. All that has done for me is to give me a closer vantage point to an argument that makes less and less sense the closer I get.

It seems to hinge upon the belief that each person deserves a chance at shooting a bad guy in the act of being bad, that no one should be able to tell them that they do not have this natural right. It depends upon bad guys having guns, so the right of bad guys to own guns must also not have any fringes upon it, as the 2nd commandment decrees.

Well, that's too much to go into on a Sunday.

I don't pray, which leaves me at a disadvantage in these situations, because while prayer may be useless and perhaps even dangerous, it does seem to be a fitting response to such a thing. I'll go for a bike ride and try to clear my head. 

I played this nightclub many years ago, Pulse. It was an after-party or something. I have a recording of it somewhere. Though I am not the story here, at all. I only mention it to show that I have an unexpected connection to this shooting, and to the city in which it happened, and to the types of people that spend their lives dancing. 

The initial report stated that the man's motivation may have been that he did this for his three year old child, so that the child might never need to witness two men kissing one another, the way that the shooter did a few weeks ago and was subsequently disgusted by it. So, he wasn't so much of a muslim when he did this, he was much more of a homophobe. 

So says the shooter's father, sort of. 

Some young fatherless child will now have the memory of dad to guide him through the confusion of life, knowing that he took a rapid-fire stance against the evils of love.