Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've found the guy that will one day kill me....

Holy Shit!  

I came home from work and found this comment waiting for me.  I don't know if this scares all of you as much as it scares me.  I would assume not.  But this is the guy that is going to one day hasten my personal assembly with Jesus, my cadaver-Christ-conference,  my crucify on high, as they say.  

This is a person that is so on fire for Jesus that he wants me to get on the express lane to Hallelujah, with his guiding trigger fingers hastening my departure.  The fast track to judgment day.

"Fix yourself first"

Why are christians so freakin' creepy?  I'm sure this guy is just a normal misguided fan of hardcore punk rock, most of which sucks terribly, it's just unlistenable bilge.  But he is going to hunt me down and kill me, possible himself shortly thereafter.  I can tell.  I have a special sense for these things.  He'll want to explain to Jesus why he did what he did, as soon as possible, and ask for forgiveness in person, assuming all along the big J.C. will understand, maybe even thank him for listening to, and acting upon, his special message...  

Many are called but few are armed...

He will make me confess that Henry Rollins is a man of genuine probity before we ascend to the great shooting range in the sky.

Listen... please don't kill me.  Jesus would not want that, Henry Rollins does not want that, I do not want that.  If you kill me Jesus might make you spend all of eternity with ABBA.  

Henry Rollins already had a friend with the initials "JC" killed right in front of him.  Do the math... listen to reason, not the whispers of Smith & Wesson...

Ok, again, one last time, please don't kill me.

I know these albums might be cliche by many people's standards, but the albums of "hardcore" that I once really liked were The Minutemen "Double Nickels On The Dime", Husker Du "Zen Arcade", Bad Brains "Bad Brains" and "I against I", and to a lesser degree Black Flag "Damaged", Minor Threat "Out Of Step" and some other albums that I can't think of right now.... Oh yeah, The Replacements "Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash..."

It's late, who knows, I've probably forgotten my favorite album of all time.  

Who can blame me?  Death is thundering down on me, almost unannounced.