Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Index

It was 100 degrees yesterday in New York.  Some estimates had it as high as 106, or even higher, with the "heat index."  I had thought that temperature was a heat index, but what do I know...  I'm told by those that read wikipedia there are other factors involved.  At this temperature even noise will perceptibly make life hotter and much less pleasant.   Once it gets towards 100 degrees life becomes very disagreeable here.  It's like taking all of the ugly qualities of New York and blending them together in a microwave; a sort of radioactive soup of deformed repugnance.  

I am trying desperately to keep myself together but the heat melts away all attempts at sanity, one sweats out all sensibility. 

I'm going back to sleep. I hope that helps.  Perhaps when I wake up it will be autumn, or lithium, or valium.