Monday, March 30, 2020

Suspended In Disbelief

While I knew that the shelter-in-place requirements of California were likely to be extended through the month of April, the reality of it has become another thing. It might still become something else, yet. I will need to find ways to get some time to myself, however possible. We're all adjusting, of course, but I am slower to adjust in some ways than my younger familial counterparts. I am tempted to return to cycling, in spite of the pain it has caused me. 

The boy and I have been trying to find ways to disrupt the monotony. We're playing baseball in the back yard and taking pictures jumping on the bed and going for bike rides and doing art work at the kitchen table and reading books and that's about all that we can do. Well, to that short list he has added playing video games. 

That's it. I've started my new job, so I must recede somewhat from public life.