Saturday, March 21, 2020


And just like that, mom and dad seem to be getting along together again. The stresses and strains of being on vacation in an RV while the world contracts a new virus may have just been too much for us. We each have rooms that we can go to now, doors that can be closed. Not slammed, just closed. We are back to our comfortable spaces. I can lie in bed and play the guitar now. 

I may purchase a synthesizer if the shelter at home demands linger - they will. Based on my current online scientific studies, this is a measure that will hopefully slow the spread, only. The way for it to be effective is for it to last several months. During that time treatments will be devised and supplies will be manufactured to manage the influx of the infected with issues. That flow of patients and bodies will be staggered some by this tactic. Until a vaccine is developed, or we achieve herd immunity otherwise, there will be much suffering everywhere. 

This is why the holy bible instructs us not to eat penguins, bats, or flamingos. And some other stuff. I've been reading a little bit of pre-apocalypse Leviticus, to help clear my head of the noise of newsfeeds. 

So far; so, so. 

Did you know that a semicolon tattoo has a coded meaning?