Sunday, March 22, 2020


Yes, home-schooling starts tomorrow. Our self-quarantine continues. 
Yes, I understand that my underwater selfie is not as pleasing as the pics I took of my son. 
It's my nose, et all.
Yes, that explains it. 

I try to maintain some composure in the face of threat or danger but I'm not liking the global numbers. I have been chatting about it most of the day, as I'm sure any reader here might have, also. So, I won't add anything to the discourse of apprehensions. I have friends that are pregnant, and unwell, or older, or fragile, as we all surely must in connected corollaries and combinations. It is impossible not to think of them, to want to love them, to send them love without causing any further concern through that expression. To love invisibly. 

I almost offered to say a prayer before dinner tonight but had just finished another book by Houellebecq today and could not muster any words of tranquility or utterances of invocation. Yes, None.