Friday, March 20, 2020

Loathing and Fear

I took down a post from yesterday. I had a bad day with Rachel and vented a bit about it. It was not a great look for me. There are some people that aren't great to camp with. Mom will remain in that category until further evidence suggests that she belongs in the preferred group. That's all. 

It has been unusually stressful to be out on the road with a child while the world burns to the ground with viral infirmities. So, I'll grant that it has not been an entirely ideal situation, for any of us. Though her behavior camping is indistinguishable from her behavior elsewhere. So, I'm not sure what to think of it. Perhaps camping is not the problem. 

I should stop. Having not stopped yesterday was my reason for taking down the other post.

The boy and I have been having fun, though.  We've been playing in the pool and ocean and campground and elsewhere. I chased him all around the trail-heavy hills of the campground on my mountain bike yesterday to his intermittent squeals of childhood joy and excitement. He has been reluctant to play with other kids at the campsite. I wish that I could be 8 years old with him, sometimes.

We go home today. Tomorrow, we return the RV. After that, we will be home-schooling the boy for a while, where hopefully my 51 years will be an advantage.