Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Emerald Desert

The world is progressing just as one might expect it would, at least when driving around the Joshua Tree area. Most people, when out in nature, practice social distancing more readily. We drove through the park from the south entrance to the north entrance yesterday. The boy was bored witless. Mom and I offered what precious and incomplete little data we had, presented as reasonably certain facts. We listened to some Gram Parsons tracks - Hickory Wind, his cover of Love Hurts, and the Byrd's cover of Dylan's You 'Aint Goin' Nowhere. We also listened to U2's Joshua Tree. Why not?

Once we had driven through the park we stopped at the Joshua Tree Inn. Raquel and I had stayed there once before on our first night of driving across the country together, almost twenty years ago. We stayed in the room in which Gram Parsons passed away. It was not our intention. It was simply offered to us and so we took the chance, as a novelty.

I was enjoying a modest pouring of bourbon on the drive. Rachel took over and drove about half the way home. I insisted that I am perfectly FINE! a few times but this message didn't seem to land with mom. The pot edibles help keep an even keel when you're drinking.

I am half kidding. I was drinking and I was eating pot edibles and mom did decide that she should drive, but I never claimed that I was fine.

Today is Raquel's birthday. St. Patty's Girl. We're just going to take it easy and go swimming and drink more bourbon or wine or champagne.  Well, after we pack everything up and head to a new campsite, where there will presumably be more kids for the boy to play with. We may not have the pool to ourselves forever.