Monday, March 23, 2020


All of the experts seem to agree: we have been doomed by a hoax.

I returned to work today. There were many people telling me that they will miss me and congratulating me on the new position, others just congratulating me, then there were others who ignored me, as usual. Actually, I can never tell how much I am being ignored at any given time because I work remotely. I live a solitary life in some key ways.

The onset of the coronavirus seems to have suddenly created this new world for the boy. He is teleconferencing with his friends. He has been making some art online with one of his school buddies. They do the same instructional videos together online and then compare drawings. One of his early master works is below - Shark.

I do not wish to document my quotidian ailments but I have a headache today and am not feeling up to much more. Stress, perhaps. In conversation tonight I could feel how brittle Rachel was. She went to bed early, before I could. I will go now and listen to the boy read through one of his stories before bed. The sound of his voice working his way through a story is so much more superior to anything and everything else in the world right now.