Sunday, March 8, 2020

Raises and Responsibilities

Well, CS was telling a fertile version of the myth. It is not official yet, but I will be moving into a new role at work soon. There will be some money and a different set of responsibilities. More of them, I assume. It will not be so much money that you will notice any difference in me. I'll still chat with all the little people who helped get me where I am today.

There is not much more to say about it. It is not exciting. I might buy myself an immodest reward for having achieved so much. I have been drinking wine for two days straight now, to celebrate. I may go to the pub now and have a few beers. The boy and mom have put themselves in the car with a destination of Costco. I opted out of going, though I pretended as if I wanted to join them. I like to give them time to themselves sometimes, also, especially on the Costco trips.

The sun has come out here and I should go for a bike ride, to help keep my head clear. I will let my boss know that I am leaving soon. He is away on vacation. He had a good indication that this might be happening before he left. I will encourage him not to cry at the thought of losing me. He is a very good guy and I like him a lot. I perhaps cause him more stress than happiness, though that has never been my intention. Increasingly, fewer and fewer share my worldview and life approach. I must be doing tremendous spiritual work for God.  

Well, as I said, it is not exciting. No reason to explore the boredom further. 

Come to the pub, if you want to chat about any of it.