Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dream Beneath A Desert Sky

We fled the desert. There was unexpected rain. Perhaps I will tell more tomorrow. We drove most of today, from Joshua Tree to Half Moon Bay. After driving in to the national park well before sunrise this morning in the hopes of viewing Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the crescent Moon all clustered together in the morning sky - it was mostly overcast; we saw no such thing - we came back to the recreational vehicle and I took a nice long nap. When I awoke mom had already hatched a plan for us to leave. She wanted to be closer to home. The rain just played into that wish conveniently. 

It is very odd to be out in an rv having a family vacation while all of this pandemic is consuming the world. The boy is only as afraid of it as what we have caused him to be, so far. It seemed to land when we told him that he wouldn't be going back to school when we return from vacation, and that we're not sure when he would. 

The drive up the 101 - we took that instead of the 5, which we've seen too many times - was beautiful. California is a beautiful place to drive around and visit. If I would have had a hit of acid this morning when we departed then I would have eaten it.