Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Fuck the literal world

Yes, I am going to focus on blur. Motion blur, of either the camera or the subject, or of both. I tend to prefer taking pictures of people. Portraits. Blurred portraits of people. That is what the world has been begging for and I will provide. It is relatively easy to do and from frame to frame the differences can be quite pronounced. The image below was taken approx. 1/5th of a second sooner than the one above. I was walking towards Rachel as she turned towards me. I like the one above simply because it is less literal. 

Fuck the literal, I say. It should only ever be used by investigators, prosecutors, and judges. 

I have expensive cameras and lenses. They are capable of taking very sharp and precise images when used correctly, even when there is low light, but fuck all of that. Any fool can take a sharp image with that equipment. I wish to be the other sort of fool for a while. 

There was yesterday's image, also. Here is what the preview of it looks like, for reasons I do not understand.

I want little fragmented portions of the world to be blurred, perhaps beyond recognition. Just colors and shapes composed within the frame for the purpose of pleasure. Mine. 

I never wanted to be a wedding photographer, though I do like making people happy with images of themselves. There are people that hate to have their picture taken, until they get a really good one. I hope people like my fuzzy and sometimes out of focus shots of them now as much as they've enjoyed the crisp reporting of the truth of them. 

I want my images to seem as if they are sinking into the haze of pain relief, perhaps at the initial onset of the morphine high. 

Doesn't have to be morphine, of course, it could be something much stronger.