Monday, July 30, 2018

Truckee, CA

I have become so disorganized with my photos. I transferred my old work computer over to my new one and created another photo library, but I'm only pulling a pic or two at a time off of my camera cards, so all is fucked. I am adrift in a sea of disconnected images. 

The above image is my nephew. We were doing a tour of a "Liberty Ship" in the SF Bay, a thing my bother wanted to do mostly, but then I found myself far more interested than I thought that I would be. Function fascinates me. 

That said, I think that I'm going to start trying to do more abstract photography, blurring anything representational; longer shutter times, a focus on motion and time's passing, lights in lateral motion. I tend to like those images the most. What could be accidents. Also, my beautiful boy is starting to show signs that he is tiring of me always taking his picture. The curse of self-awareness. Without him, I have no model. Mom is good for a few pics, but must be flattered into the mood, which is half the fun. I flirt with her as if I'm still 24 yrs old. 

Okay, we're in Tahoe. Today we take the lift up the mountain to where there is some sort of entertainment complex for both kids and adults. I should have brought my mountain bike. There are trails everywhere I walk. Looking at them makes me twitch with glandular discharges. My calves tighten and my heart races, like the memory of the culmination of a moment in love.