Sunday, July 29, 2018

Latest Vacation Update

Another vacation post. What else would I possibly have to write about? Being an uncle is fun. I get to say all sorts of stuff that I wouldn't say to Rhys, then regret it when I hear my nephews repeat it. It is the way of the nuclear family, and how those molecules interact. 

I brought the desired lens into the city yesterday and took a bunch of pictures, but the camera is downstairs, and everywhere there are children and adults sleeping. So, you get an unrelated image that I like. This visit so far has been good for me. I don't spend much social time with my brother, though we talk on the phone more regularly than we used to, but to see the boy play with his cousins is really something. They all seem very happy, which makes me happy.

I've never thought of Rachel as an Aunt Rachel, but of course she is perfect for the role. She seems happy to be making dinners and planning activities. The house is full of giggling kids, which keeps her from abducting another child, sanding off its fingerprints, and calling it ours, at least for a little while... She wants another baby, but there is little chance of that happening now. We waited too long and circumstances are working against it. There were too many obstacles in the way. Us.

I look at people with two kids and I'm not exactly envious of them, but that's probably because I have just enough imagination to see into their lives but not enough to see anything outside of my own. It is what children do to the mind of a parent. They steal and then run off with whatever remaining intellectual curiosity might still be lying around, knowing how best to use it. They scoop it up in cones of curiosity and call it ice cream.

Life is meant to be sweet, silly.