Saturday, July 21, 2018

whatever that word means

Up so early, too early. Two hours before Starbucks opens. Some mornings I miss writing here. It gives me something to do in the early morning darkness, some small way of organizing the universe into what I hope are, or become, understandable pieces. Writing too much nonsense is dispiriting. Even when you joke that nothing matters it shakes something inside of you a bit. Maybe I loved chaos more than I was meant to, more than is healthy, whatever that word means. 

CS just sent an incredible political statistic concerning DT's support among republicans, but I will be strong... I have promised to keep my political diatribes on social media, where they can do neither harm nor good. 

I'll say this, though, with absolute certainty: the dems do not have a chance of beating him in 2020, yet. If they don't find a barn stormer then there will only be barns burning.

Okay, fuck it all forever. Starbucks opens soon and I should go sit there in that artificial morning, drink my coffee, and read my book. I want to travel, almost anywhere to take pictures, rather than lying here in bed for one more doomed second.