Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Power Panties

(Portrait - me in the sun, building castles on the beach)

Ok, I don't handle being injured very well. I see that now, I get it: I'm a pussy. Are we discouraged from using that word, or have we been empowered and emboldened concerning its oblique power and meaning from our friends at the resistance movement?

Who knows. Pussy, pussy, pussy..... I mean, me, of course. 

You say infantilize, I say vagina.

Well, I wrote a whole post that argued for a better understanding of the word let, and how the media have let us down again, but fuck it. What's the point? People will believe whatever they wish to believe. They're just against letting you believe what you wish to believe. They can't let that.

I am sunken in a bit - depression.  The foot has fucked me up. If I can just wake up with such a debilitating and mysterious injury then I start to ask the questions, What if other bad things can happen to Scorpios while they're sleeping?