Thursday, May 25, 2017

Deo Optimo Proximo

A day spent racing things real and imaginary. I slept in this morning - I knew I would during the last drifting off into the dark, too soon to the moment of need. Didn't care enough to set an alarm. When I snapped to wakeful attention at 5:45 I jumped from my pillow to the bucket seat, raced to Starbucks without driving gloves, the wheels of the car lightly screeching as I careened into the parking lot. The rest of the day resembled the rest of every other day.

I had the window down for the drive home from the city. A sidewalk proselytizer caught my eye and blurted it out as quickly as he could, God Loves You!

Tell him that he'll been in my thoughts.

He shot right back, He'll be there with you. You tell him!

Okay then, I'll let him know. Does he still speak Latin?