Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Death by Misincompetence

Investigate this, mi federales: grab 'em by the prosecutor.

We're being date-raped by our president, I think, without the Cosby-courtesy of a nice strong horse tranquilizer. Every morning I wake up somewhere less familiar than the day before, wondering what happened, why everything's been doused in sticky.  

But, as you know, I've had to get out of politics. You saw what it did to me. It reduced me to the level of vulgarity where I wallowed and floundered and found much happiness.

Can you believe we erected Donald Milhous Trump to the orifice of the precedent?

Man, that was fucking stupid, what we did. 

This was the result, we're told, of superterranean out-of-work coal miners tired of things not being to their advantage. It must be fun for them to watch so much golf now, while it lasts. I bet it really takes their mind off of things. That should come as quite a relief.