Monday, April 3, 2017

Why and How to Eschew Happiness

There is nothing to report. I am happy, which of course destroys a site like this, a person like me. 

There are friends visiting from Costa Rica so there has been much cooking and drinking of wine.

Yesterday, we all went to Lake Berryessa to verify that we can each swim 750 meters in a lake, which wasn't as difficult as I had thought it might be, though I am also somewhat relieved that my buddy got caught doping and we were kicked out of the Olympics. To swim 1500 meters is a different thing altogether, more than double it seems. 

The weather has brought Sonoma back to what I know it to be. When I look up it is hard to imagine that the skies are not like that everywhere. It seems they stretch on forever. 

Contentment produces so few things of interest, nothing at all to write about. Dangerous territory for one who fashions themselves to be a chronicler, of sorts.