Saturday, April 15, 2017

War Paint

(pic by Rachel)

Fuck, I knew that I'd be drinking here -  it's what friends do - but, it has worn me out. We stayed up late-ish last night. I was a tyrant about playing old 80s tunes until my friends hated me sufficiently to head off to sleep, so I did the same. My son woke next to me with the first hint of the sun's light coming through the east-facing window, demanding our participation in this new day. Kids are a good reason to moderate your behavior, sometimes even exante

Today will include a drive south of here to meet up with other old friends and their kids. This trip will be uneventful for our purposes here. Caring for a child while traveling doesn't produce much of interest. Parenting is mundane, like watching someone butter a piece of bread. It is of interest mainly to those who are hungry, little eyes circling the room.