Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Bowling Mole

Kids will pick up anything - lake mud, clumps of algae, dead fish, et al. If adults don't want them picking it up then you can guarantee it'll end up in their hands. I'll forget and go to kiss his hand later and the stench of fresh water death will fill my nose. I try to explain germs, but he has no interest in such things. he finds the stink carcass infinitely more fascinating, not least of all because he knows I don't want him touching it. Oh, to be young.

Yesterday, some friends visited from south of Denver, with kids. We went to a bowling alley, game room, bar. pool hall, restaurant and chatted the day away.

I have infiltrated the adult world. Having kids changes everything. Few can recognize any longer that I am only impersonating an adult, an imposter that gained credentials. Trapped somewhere between picking up dead fish and making smart 401k election choices.