Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Shah of Narnia

The next door neighbors went on vacation. They recently added a small, single-season pool to their back yard. I assume it is good for only a season. Perhaps it will outlast me. They asked us to look after it in their absence, which was lucky for them. The boy and I went over and pooled it up for about an hour - fake dives from a step ladder near the side, which led to jumping over the edge, then at a run, and onto the little paddle board, several whirlpools, fighting them backwards, drifting in the current, some tussling with the chlorine in the eyes, competing for the only floating donut that would hold either of us afloat, wrestling, lots of tickling, all of it, etc., etc. 

It was a good and fortuitous thing for both of us. I was being mildly unpleasant before that - in a bad mood and working, dismissive and distracted. Classic asshole dad moves. The pool changed everything. I took no pictures, had no camera with me, not even a phone. Didn't even text mom to tell her we were going over there. Wasn't even wearing swimming shorts. That's how prepared I was to do nothing. 

I miss the other life - the one we had.