Sunday, June 21, 2020

Breville BDC400

Yes, yes, yes... of course. I am all for equality and opposed to anybody that ever tries to deprive another of equal opportunity or treatment (under the law). Women deserve to be treated equally to one another. Until you find one that you really, really like

I could not resist. I am like the Martin Luther of Love. This is my Ninety-Five Theses.

You see, I am not a corporation. I still enjoy the luxury of treating people as individuals, and most decidedly have no requirements or expectations for equal treatment or responses from me. I save all of that for work. After work I choose Raquel, then again in the mornings. 

I am an old liberal. I still believe that everyone should have equal rights under the law. But not for much longer. It's only a matter of time before I start prescribing how looters should be dealt with, probably at Thanksgiving without that even having been the subject of conversation, etc. I also tire at rioters chipping away at my privilege and prosperity. One day they'll be coming for my coffee maker.

I could have taken this morning to jab at all the men that have never had kids, but it seems that CS has covered that territory in its inverse well enough this morning. What's his problem? Do gay people even use the word "breeders" any more? He seems to be embarrassing himself in intersectional ways. Who am I to interfere?

He has, at times, been like a reluctant father to me. So, I wish him nothing but love. I get to act like an only child in this relationship. Something I apparently must have always wanted. 

When he comes to visit he will be treated to delicious coffee from our new brewer. It is a beauty. Mom wanted to buy me an  Apple Watch, but I encouraged her to stick with the theme I decreed on Mother's Day and buy something that enriches all of us. Something domestic and, to some degree, communally used. Rhys' life will be improved by any improvement in mom and dad's morning. It is trickle-down economics, in a sense. This Percolating Prosperity of Parenthood.

That would have been a better title for today's post. But, I'm hoping to get corporate sponsorship here soon. I've been trying to get Johnnie Walker's attention for years. But I am coy about it. It is part of my demure charm. 

The boy wrote me a very sweet card and gave me a Darth Vader balloon, and some chocolate that he seemed particularly eager about sharing. Now, we're going to watch The Simpson's Movie. What more could a simple man such as myself ask for? 

Oh, that didn't take very long. I thought of something right away: I wish that my dad was still here.