Monday, June 15, 2020

Need You Tonight

(Raquel - Dijon, France)

I have been sending out pics from the past a lot lately. Raquel likes some of them, others not as much. She has stopped nodding approvingly at her previous self, in some ways. Not me. I do more than just nod at our previous selves, I spasm with joy, but I do not dwell. I offer whatever smiles I have left. 

I fixed my problems with this website. It required a deep cleansing of sorts. But it works now. If you don't know what cookies are and how to understand the scope of permissions they provide the site that plants them in your browser then you should give it some research. Or, just delete all of them every few days, or weeks. They are potentially dangerous, a threat to your safety and privacy, etc.

Okay, Raquel is making a salmon and veggies dinner. I am drinking Monday's wine. I should go be with them. They'll send me back in here soon enough, But still, I should make a showing, an effort.

I'll leave this for here for you:

How do feel?
I'm lonely
What do you think?
I can't take it all....