Saturday, June 13, 2020

I Can't Sleep

I did my first professional photo shoot this week. It was for a friend. The only thing that made it professional was that he handed me an envelope that I assume contains a check. I'm going to give it back. I don't like taking money from my friends the way that some others do. He does remodeling work. So, I went out to the house and took a few snapshots. I could have paid more attention to solar flare from the sunroof windows. What are those called? Square holes in the ceiling that let light through. I never use a lens hood. They are the camera equivalent of wearing a condom. Sometimes the images suffer from letting light in where it doesn't belong. 

I've had a very rough week. Have had a very difficult time sleeping each night. I am deeply envious of those who sleep easily and peacefully. To fall sleep you must pretend that you are already asleep. Your body convinces your mind, somehow, that it has already happened. But not mine. Mine is off and looting some strange landscape made of horrors and apparitions. 

Okay, before I devolve into a catalog of my physical complaints, I'll wrap this up. Or worse, before I start writing about the dreams I would have liked to have had if only I could sleep.

See, real pro-level work here: