Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday night in Sonoma

The transition from New York to Sonoma has been made.  Now the months of unpacking boxes ensue, not knowing where anything is, having to ask Rachel for everything I've ever owned, her only knowing where about half of it is.  Within the next month or two most all of that stuff will get moved at least once, so there will be yet another learning curve, one that just keeps curving.

But the wine is nice and the weather is beautiful.  We went to a fundraiser for education in Sonoma square last night.  It was never made clear why tax dollars were not being used for education, but so be it. My exploration into California politics is off to a good start.  People danced and drank wine and ate food, each at little picnic areas of their own, some wandering from one site to another.  It was a festive and lovely night under the stars.  The dance floor was sectioned off with Guantanamo style fences but people filed in anyway when the music began and boogied-down as if there will always be another tomorrow.  

Red wine sure is delicious.  I have already begun to take myself more seriously when it comes to the things that I will know.  I have been exercising my adjectives to describe wines: parsimonious, precocious, poised... bawdy, blushing and boundless.  I will study adjectives and shock people with my unexpected descriptions of flavor.  As long as I never laugh out loud it should be great fun.  

I considered writing another blog, one that tracks my development from being a manhattanite hillbilly to my becoming a professional sommelier.  I might need new things to do out here in the hills, under the moon, studying adjectives will only get you so far...

I read that Tom Waits lives in Sonoma county.  I expect that he and I will become great friends once he discovers this site...  kindred spirits, etc.  Once we get past our first album together it should be smooth sailing from there on out.

Ok, much to do around here and little time to do it.  I was lucky to have even found this computer. The image above is from Sonoma but from last October. I haven't found my camera boxes yet to transfer any pictures from the camera to a computer.  I foolishly shipped my brand new computer UPS ground... I will not sleep fully until it arrives safely and undamaged. To add to the poor decision of shipping it such a way I packed my hard drive with my entire music collection inside the computer box.  If the box "gets lost" en route I will be destroyed... I will have to start all over again, re-accumluating a music library.  I suppose I could just start with Tom Waits and then see what happens...