Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meth, CA

I often overly romanticize things, I always have.  I have convinced myself that we are moving to a peaceful place where no crime exists, or very little anyway, and that our old fears and reactions are out-of-place and perhaps even amplified here.  I've told myself that we should relax, that we are living in Mayberry R.F.D., or a similar city that also has lots of great wines and rolling vineyards.  Maybe I was wrong.  

Yesterday morning while I was walking our dog, on the front lawn of our condo, I saw a young guy getting arrested by undercover cops.  

I had been told that there was a problem with crystal meth and that one of the historic houses here is now known for also being one of the bigger meth lab busts in the area, they were doing their sinister deeds in the basement.  Well, good, I thought, at least it's not crack.... Nancy Reagan would be proud. She really hated crack.

None of the people involved, not the kid being arrested nor the two undercover cops arresting him, looked at me as they walked by.  Well, the kid looked at me very briefly but then looked away, he looked down, as so many arrestees do. I wanted to take a picture of the undercover cops but thought of it too late.  They hate having their pictures taken as secrecy plays such a large part in what they do.  But they were in public and as such I have the legal right to take their picture.  I didn't though.  I wonder what sort of trouble I would get in for trying to trade them back their pictures for getting me out of the Oakland bridge fine.  

The whole experience made me worry about break-ins and theft.  Having lived in the same small apartment in the East Village for 12 years now I suddenly feel more exposed to danger, the various crimes of youth.  I'm afraid my bike will get stolen. It is just sitting on a back porch without being locked up.  There is nothing to lock it to.  Somebody would have to jump the wall to steal it, but it could be easily done. 

I imagine somebody in the grips of crystal meth addiction might want to steal my bike.  Or, perhaps somebody who had lost their license from drunk driving. Who knows what dangers lurk under these sunny skies.  Who knows what hidden crimes await to be committed.