Thursday, August 11, 2011

The best way to rob a bank...

The financial world is falling apart again.  Everybody acts surprised.   The longer I have a job and look carefully at what every single financial institution does to me, with my own money, every chance they get, and the government acting as their accomplice in the thing... well, nothing surprises me any more.   I don't blame the people in London for rioting. People get pissed off.

I've watched my 401k drop about $2500 in value in a week.  My wife tells me to just relax that it will spring back. But nobody's ever really sure if it will.  We assume that it will, but sometimes it doesn't.  Major institutions collapse and if you happened to have your money tied up in them then you are fucked.  $2500 will one day buy a lot of dog food, I had hoped...

People just get tired of it and before you know it they're throwing bricks through windows.  It's rarely ever just one thing that causes it. It's years of eating piles of shit, amicably served by every institution,  that finally rises to the surface and comes back in the form of vomit and fire. I wish I had a brick in my hand almost every time I've ever walked by a bank.   Or rather I should say that I wish I had just watched a brick leave my hand every time I walk by a bank.  

In America bankers are not afraid of going to jail, or being flogged.  It very rarely ever happens.  The biggest crimes go mostly undetected, mainly unpunished.  

The best way to rob a bank is to own one, etc.

Ah, but what am I to do...  I will just sit back and relax, wait for the markets to bounce back, watch my piles of money rise around me in inflammable walls.  My money is in good hands, with people who have my best interests in mind when they are making their decisions. These people want me to one day also be wealthy, just like them.  They send me emails telling me so.  They tell me not to panic, not to pull out.  

Idiots.  I'm not the one that the rioters are after.