Friday, April 14, 2017

Dare of the Hog

We arrived, after nearly a full day of traveling. A hike around a local lake, sunlight working with the Rockies, competing for our attention while they could. The boy went to sleep at his normal hour and my buddies and I stayed up, competing with a case of Dale's Pale Ale for a few hours, listening to hip-hop and soul. 

Old friends, they just don't make them any more. 

The sun wasted no time in its dance around the earth, announcing itself promptly to start our morning. 

Today, a hike up into Chautauqua, then a sushi lunch in Boulder. I'll be back at some point, hopefully with a story to tell. There is much to say about natural beauty, but not after a night of drinking. This morning calls for quietude, coffee, contemplation. 

I almost added expiation to that list, but that would be a lie. We'll be drinking again by this afternoon, though with drinking's latest lessons forgotten, or ignored, or maybe even embraced. 


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