Thursday, August 20, 2020

Nothing burns in the desert but you

You tell me - are terror, horror, and midnight fear things to which we adjust? They are the currently available options. These lives, our lives, here and now in Sonoma, fluctuate between the flat-headed, Robertson, and Phillip's brands of perpetual screw-driving. A driver can be used for screwing in any number of ways. When used correctly the exact same tool can likewise unscrew or drive the already screwed screw in a reverse direction. Or, fashion. Only the gentle, careful hand undoes the fucking, though the fucking was the stated goal of the screwing. 

Strict adherence was what the tools suggested and promised. They deliver a reliably coiled material progress - fiber draws to grain. So satisfying to screw. Though, no screwing is undone that does not leave a spiral hole of evidence in the would.