Saturday, August 8, 2020

Being John Malkovich

(Catherine Keener)

Have seen this one many times, but I enjoyed it again. So much clever dialogue, so many clever situations and predicaments. I didn't finish Blue Velvet. It was getting too heavy. The present is pressing and pressing again.

Catherine Keener's character is very, very funny. The movie relays some interesting perspectives. You can tell something about a person by what they find humorous. I'm not quite sure what can be understood by it, but differences tend to emerge in what people find funny, and why they find those particular things funny. This film does a good job at making those moments salient, even if they are not always clear to the viewer. There are many bifurcating scenes and moments.  

I read that Woody Allen's favorite film of 1986 was Blue Velvet. Mine was probably Top Gun, if that helps you make any distinctions between Woody Allen and myself. I am the patriot here. Allen is.... still not in prison!
I saw somebody post that last part about Allen on social media. I was dumb enough to ask what crime he had been convicted of, or even charged with. The answer to both questions is: none. But there is a lot of information available that allows a person to feel as if he is guilty. There is other evidence that allows you to feel other ways, too. 

The film Being John Malkovich touches briefly on child sexuality, also, and offers a fantastical possibility into how it emerges and why it exists. All absurd, of course, but it is a subject that is open to interpretation, or it was then, when the film was made. 

Now, there are only two ways to think and feel, or two types of people in the world: the right and the wrong; the charming and tedious; miserable and horrible; those who complicate and those who simplify; ketchup on a hot dog and the righteous; you and everyone else. Etc. It's fun because there are no men and women any more. Everything is on a spectrum except good and evil. 

I've been trying to find ways to donate to Kanye. I'm not going to donate, don't worry. I'm just curious about my options. I don't mean his ill-begotten presidential campaign. I just want him to have some of my money. I want to feel as if I am participating in the dialogue of hip-hop.

Okay, today there will be dog walks and a bike ride. I have not been drinking, so I have extra time and energy for other things. I'll try to report how I use those things. 

That should result in a riveting report.