Friday, August 7, 2020

Mulholland Drive

I never surrounded myself with film snobs or even film geeks, but I like this film anyway. I had access to a gaggle of film geeks at one point, but they were all into films that I was forced into explaining were mostly stupid. But every now and then their picks would sneak up on me and I would end up liking them. There were only maybe three other people there that liked Lynch.

I'm not sure how much there is for me to say about this film - the unresolved interlocking enigmas demonstrate how conspiracy theories provide a type of pleasure to the mind, and connecting them adds to the verisimilitude in equal part with the assurances of belief. As you increase the aesthetic pleasures of the mystery it persuades the mind into accepting it as something increasingly sublime. Yet that is also how it becomes so to the viewer. Funny how that works.

Ok, I started to write that last night. It adds nothing to the universe. Tonight, I'm watching Blue Velvet, sort of. I have it on in the background and I am trying to watch random shots or scenes without having to commit to actually watching it. I used to do that with quite a few great films. Lynch's soundtracks are often apprehensively interesting. Quirk, before the hippest among us co-opted the idea. 

Man, I like Heineken. You like Heineken?

Great moment. I should watch every Lynch film from the beginning. 

I need a new Covid hobby.

I hate the new Blogger user interface, also. But for tonight's pic I liked being able to shrink the picture down to a size that doesn't make much sense. It felt right. Maybe CS and I should take an online html class. 

Rachel and Rhys are coming home early - Sunday. It's Akira the pup and I until then. I've been playing Styx albums for her, and telling her that KISS was another band she should check out sometime. I wanted to make sure she understood that dad has a less than sophisticated side. 

Well, I thought about it. 

This part is real: The boy discovered some of his grand-dad's cds and has decided that he likes Foreigner. The first song I remember attaching to a bit as a child was Cold As Ice. Funny, that. 

I really should talk to people again. It has been a week, except at work.