Sunday, August 9, 2020

Full House

I am posting this morning because Rachel and Rhys are on their way home. Writing will be less likely with a full house. I wonder if Akira, the husky puppy, will miss our twice daily walks. I could continue them, of course, but the house takes on a very different rhythm when it is full. There is less available time when surrounded by other people. It is an embarrassing outrage that Einstein did not address this in his General Theory of Relativity. It is obvious to anyone that has studied the subject - the presence and proximity of others correlates inversely with time.

That being said, I look forward to them returning. This full week of solitude has done good things for me. It is hard to state exactly what that goodness is, but a sense of centeredness and solitude have somewhat combined within me to create a semblance of peace. I have become better at being alone, and have greatly improved my relationship with the abyss.

I should get out of the house and do my (now) daily bike ride before the sun becomes unreasonable. A large portion of what has changed my feelings has nothing at all to do with the house being empty, but instead involves me emptying my body of excess energy. 

Isn't that always the case? The tunnel closes, we look for something to blame.