Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jean de Florette

An ugly story, told beautifully. Human greed makes for good French cinema. Perhaps tomorrow I will watch Manon of the Spring, also adapted and directed by Berri, as this movie only tells the first part of the tale as originally written by Pagnol. 

The Covid months, as they drag on and on, are good for epic films and series. I will try to focus on these for a while. Anything to distract me from the constricting limitations. Anything to pass the time. 

Rachel and Rhys return home tomorrow. It is difficult to tell if their vacation was a success. There was a phone call earlier today that left me feeling uncertain. I have enjoyed their time away, perhaps more than I will admit to them. It has been an exercise in space and it worked! I feel relieved of something. 

A friend texted earlier tonight to tell me that he had cried and that I was somehow involved in his crying. He is gay; I am not. I am not sure what to make of it. I didn't ask for any details or context, because he might have willingly provided it. It may have been a difficult drug comedown. Seemed like a possibility. Drugs engender tears. The burden of others can be so much - too much, sometimes. I wish sadness on no one. 

Tomorrow morning I will reach out to friends in Europe. It has been a long time since I have talked to most of them. I must stop drunkenly calling my friends on the East coast. We have each grown out of everything. 

"But the addict is ultimately a bore, too immersed in himself, too tiring to be with, too reliant on the delusions and compliance of others around them. Most great art comes from a singular and obsessive attention to things, it is borne of an urgent desire. Yet great art also opens out from that point." - Unknown