Sunday, January 12, 2020

Light reflections in water

Jesus. I bought another camera. My reasons would make sense to very few, so I won't outline them here. They are too flimsy to withstand even the most modest scrutiny. They have something to do with the focus being off in this picture. Only a true and dedicated capitalist might understand my erratic financial whims. But what the fuck? They say that you can't take it with you, but even that's a lie. You could convert all of your wealth to dollars and use it in a funeral pyre - problem solved. What they mean to say, I think, is that you can't spend it after you're dead, which is also bullshit. That's what the terms of a revokable trust fund are for. 

My truest passion in life is regarding cliches literally, after that I am drawn to treating facts figuratively. It is because I have the heart of a lyin' poet.

It might take me a little while to make an underwater photo that I'll like. It will need to be superior to the ones I've already posted, or my purchase might make me feel foolish. Or, more foolish.