Thursday, January 30, 2020


I know CS loathes the many pictures of the boy, but I came across this older one today and wanted to post it. Look into those white and blue eyes.... That boy gave me the pink-eye he broke out with in Tahoe. I expected it, having lounged around with him while he was out of school for days, though I had forgotten how unpleasant it is. My eyes are crusted over with with a sort of adhesive kitty-litter each morning. I went through the drops that we had from the doctor and pharmacy in Tahoe. Mom said she was coming down with a case of it, so she was using it also. Only too late did I realize that she was largely doing preventative treatment. So, now I have no prescription eye drops and have been left to survive with what is available over the counter. I have been using that supply like a drunken sailor: without a condom. 

To add to my woes I have been in a heightened state of alert at work. I am on-call from 8am-4pm and have been for the last couple weeks. It adds stress to my life, though I tell myself that somewhere deep down within me it is good to have my readiness challenged. The sort of fight-and-fight more instinct that has garnered me so much praise throughout the years. I did do some rather comprehensive diagnosis today that felt good, to remind myself that I can commit to an issue and focus on it to completion.  Small victory, but each success offers some sweetness.

Jesus, my fucking eyeballs itch.