Sunday, January 5, 2020


It's difficult to feel very good about the world right now. Newsfeeds do not help. Ignoring it all might, but I haven't tried. Yet there are amazing breakthroughs in many of the branches of science, and often. Organisms that can consume plastics, or flight-ready microbots that may be able to replace bees, or datasets that reveal as yet unseen patterns in agriculture that seem promising rather than damning, etc. The mind holds hope that somehow we can turn the worst aspects of what is happening into a reason to harbor some hope. 

Then, you see the videos of animals trying to escape the brush fires in Australia and you know: we are already entering the hellishness of what we know will come.  

For better or worse, we are in the future now. 


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  1. Worse tonight. I'm sorry. I wish things could be different. Or we even had any control. Well. We can control what we can control.

    Stoned. Drinking licorice root and peppermint tea. I'm intermittent fasting. A new moon cleansing so to speak. It's all the rage for the post holiday pounds off you know.

    Dance with the kid to punk rock.