Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Crisis!

Oh yeah, we're on vacation - Lake Tahoe. Crystal Cove, on the Nevada side, where prostitution is required and gambling encouraged. Drinking is the expectation yet drugs are punished very severely. Strange place, a certain kind of American seems to always love it here. It is a Shangri-La for the libertarian set. All the prostitutes in Nevada seem unusually suspicious. But do not worry about me, I only go to prostitutes to read the articles. 

My underwater camera can't seem to focus any more. It was just a little cheap one and I got plenty of images that I love out of it. The one I want to replace it is a little bit on the expensive side, but what the fuck, I'm worth it. There's another one that's half the price that would probably serve me just as well. And now there are Go-Pro like options that are even cheaper and could serve a variety of purposes. I feel guilty buying myself anything this time of year, between Christmas and the boy's birthday in early January and the two vacations we'll take between now and then, maybe it's a bad time to spend on myself. But where will I ever end up with that sort of talk. 

What do I know. There may be no better time ever again. That is always the case. We never know. 

I also want a little drone. Why can't I have it all? 

I've been drinking since before we left for Tahoe. It is tiring stuff. My body gets tired of it, my mind gets tired of it, even the thing inside of me that wants to drink grows tired of itself. 

When mom gets back with coffee, I think I'm going to talk her into an extra day here. The prediction is 3-5" of snow today. What sort of vacationers would leave in a situation like that? Mom is eager to pick up grandma at the airport tomorrow but I am much less interested in the requirements of that, since they're not my requirements. I'm only mentioning here so that you'll understand that I am trying to subvert them. I try to be cordial when she's here, but you know, that's about the best that can be expected of me. 

Okay, nothing else to report from the front lines of the holidays.