Saturday, December 14, 2019

'Tis the Season

Invincible Christmas is on its way. There is never any forgetting that fact with a seven year old in the house, soon to be eight. The kids at school are already grumbling their suspicions concerning the veracity of Santa. I don't help anything. I tell them, "If there's no Santa Claus then maybe Satan's not real, either." I'm trying to help them. 

This War on Christmas doesn't have a fucking chance. If the liberals can't impeach Trump then they have no chance against ol' Kris Kringle, the Emperor of Ice Dreams.

Well, I am "on-call" this weekend, so I will stay around the house.I pulled out the box of unscanned negatives and the scanner. We'll see if that project gets aloft once again. I hope so. It seems a waste to shoot that much film and then never get a chance to see any of it. Maybe I'll give the boy and mom nice pictures of themselves that I've taken. Imagine their Christmas morning joy. The gaiety of it all. 

There's a word you don't hear spoken much any more - cheer, whose root word is gay. I believe it can be spelled gayety, also. I'm going to try to find a way of working this into casual Christmas conversation. Oh, the gaiety of it all. 

Isn't it great to see the gaiety in the children's eyes on Christmas morning?

Whatever. I still have the wearied mind of a pubescent adolescent. All the best men do. Can we claim there are still good men, or ever were, though ones that maybe make jokes about the word "gay" and masturbate furiously every chance they get when they see any part of a woman's body?

I like objectifying women. It's fun and reinforces my faith in them. It's pretty much all I think about, when I do. I mean, I know how not to objectify them: let them get old. Then, out of respect, they'll naturally avoid most of the things they don't like about the way I think. 

It's all part of the beautiful commercial of life. 

Viva Last Blues 

Nothing more to say about that, just a good album. Cato and I went camping at Big Sur to hear a weekend's worth of this guy - Will Oldham - playing. I'm sure I wrote about it here.