Sunday, December 15, 2019

Promises, promises

I was just kidding in yesterday's post. Objectifying women isn't my favorite thing to do. It's far too cerebral to be my favorite. I just wanted to check and see how it felt to write things that are not allowed. Every so often it is good to check - trust but verify. I believe that's the policy, maybe it's don't ask, don't tell. You've come a long way, babyAmerica runs on Dunkin'

Who knows. 

All we can be sure of is that there is a generation of young people who seem to believe that the contemporarily correct way of talking is far more important than all other ways, except possibly the future way. Imagine the horror of finding out in mid life that you argued for making people feel more included through language and uninvited eye contact but you didn't get it quite perfect and now there is an even younger generation of angry children telling you how you got everything wrong and have ruined it for them, and maybe for all time. It is no fun to find out that the years will somehow make your ethics primitive. 

Mmkay, millennial.

I remember when being a liberal meant you fought for people's rights, not their feelings or preferred pronouns. I stole that line. This doesn't mean fuck their feelings and fuck their genderless pronouns, it only means that those aren't things I was ever interested in fighting for. The fight is for the rights. And yes, that includes the right to identify. 

Freedom, Viva, Etc. 

We are told that the world is not binary, but if I try to speak then I am reminded why a binary's opinions are born hateful. With me, there is only good and evil, meaning them and me, in that order. It is best to get out of a closet somewhere and get out early. All that it takes is to confess honestly to a private thought or feeling that would set you apart from the people who don't have those type thoughts and feelings, the enemies. It's easy, just close your eyes and speak about what you think and feel there in the darkness. The thing that makes you who you truly are. In that dark, private, sacred space, I find that my mind likes objectifying women, but I'll keep trying. I promise.