Friday, December 13, 2019

She's Lost Control

Jesus. One week more until two weeks of vacation. It will be a vacation mostly in name - a reprieve from paid work. As soon as my employment responsibilities have ceased, to the minute, we will drive to Tahoe. When we return grandma will arrive. She just left yesterday. When she goes - two days more on her trip this time than mom and I had agreed - we will go on another vacation. Or, mom will go to LA to visit her friends. This is almost what I would prefer. Having to only care for the boy and the dogs, without work, will seem plenty of a vacation to me. Initially I had dreamed of flying away to London, Berlin, and maybe Ibiza. It might have happened, too, except that all of my friends in those places will be off to other places. When asked, I could not think of a place that I wanted to go by myself fast enough to stop the travel plans of others.

My tone is half jest. I want mom to have a vacation. She has not taken one alone since the boy was born, that I can remember. Eight years - it is a long time, and she does work very hard at all that she does. I work hard at avoiding hard work. It's almost all that we argue about any more. The other day I told her that if she didn't want to hear Joy Division then she shouldn't ride in my car. Her response look let me know that we don't even need to argue about it, but she stopped complaining.

Did it end the romance?

It ended the conversation, that was all.