Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Rise of the Light Saber

This article does a good job at tackling the franchise and what it is has become, but I will be taking the boy and one of his buddies to go see the new one today in spite of it. 

We had a successful Christmas, all around. The boy got a new computer - Chromebook - and a Fitbit. I don't know why kids wants Fitbits, but they're all the rage. I'm told.

I shouldn't have made such a crass joke about mom's ass crack yesterday. It was her pussy that I was trying to touch all day. So, a few points deducted for crudeness of description, a temporary and regrettable loss of exactitude.  

Well, I was going to write some more, but the boy came to show me a new Avengers' Lego monstrosity he had just completed and I felt compelled to go over its finer destructive capabilities with him, since his mind has just barely begun to grasp the imaginative joys of complete and total annihilation of your real and perceived enemies.