Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trigger Treat

The boy and mom went trick-or-treating. I opted to stay home with both neurotic dogs. They can not be left alone on a night like this. I may go out with the boy later - house to house. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but not because of the kids. I like the idea of them celebrating some dark mystery, without most of them even having any context as to why, or really how, yet they nail it. It is absurd, worth cherishing a bit. It doesn't go far enough for me, of course. I must have been Satanic in a previous city. 

I had so much that I felt I wanted to say, earlier. It is what work does to a person: shuts them up and down. 

It might be my own fault. I have been sitting here playing the guitar for about an hour, now I am listening to Prince Jammy's Kamikaze Dub. Dub seems a music designed to shut people up, since so much of what is going on in it requires attention to detail and subtle changes over time. You don't have to listen for that, but it barely makes sense to otherwise. Some would agree with me on both of those points, for different reasons. 

What can anyone do? Nobody seems able to see or hear what another does, even in shared love. Shared hatred seems to be more focused - all things about Donald Trump are worthy of hatred, is the accepted message. The obsessive and metaphorical are what turns love and drives hatred. 

That is your koan for the day. 
Memoize it, store it at the proxy.

Wild turkeys just ran across the back yard, a group of about six. We are seeing them more and more. Within a year someone will tell me it's because of climate change. That is the oft repeated foreboding here. I've been asking everyone if they're still worried about the San Andreas fault and sliding into the ocean, or do they think the hot winds will come and get us tropics first? 

Nobody gets to feel secure any more. Maybe they never did and we're just all just starting to really share our feelings. 

Thank you for attending my Ted Talk on Climate Change.

I just needed to get some noise out of my head for no other reason than that it had been asking me to be free. 

When we were in the hotel in SF, I still had to walk the pup, Barkley, and so I did so in the heart of the Tenderloin. We were at a nice hotel, I promise. SF is a strange place, it embraces contradictions that most cities have no access to. It's not always perfect.   

As I walked the little Shih Tzu, who was fascinated with the ground level aromas, I imagined me handing out little green poop bags to all the street junkies, giving them a little woke speech about the importance of reusability and sustainability. But I was afraid that I would buy some drugs from each of them and never get to the reusability portion of my speech.