Friday, October 25, 2019


Well, I guess I was wrong about the need for power outages. Or rather, PG&E wasn't right enough. They're off and destroying everything again, by fire. They say it's climate change. The citizens of the area are all quite skeptical of that explanation. We just came out of a drought not too many years ago, during which there were wind storms. Not sure the science is there on that explanation.

I had a crazy, hectic day before I departed the country for the city. I have a hotel in SF for tonight and tomorrow night. I am going out nightclubbing tonight. There is a Halloween party that will serve as my makeshift birthday party. I hope that I can still stay up until midnight. We'll see. Then, there is a wedding tomorrow and then of course a reception after that. I am dj'ing the reception. I hope that I can stay up until then. 

Okay, maybe a short nap in this fresh, new luxury hotel room. That'll help my hopes. 

Addendum: Oh yeah, I forgot to provide some physical context. I'm at a hotel that's across the street from the Hibernia Bank, where my beloved revolutionary sweetheart, Tania, had her famous Glamour Shots taken in glorious 15 second intervals.

Nope. I just looked it up, different branch over near Nob Hill. I've looked up Patty Hearst's Wikipedia page so many times the hyperlinked text is permanently purple.

I've mentioned my infatuation with her here many times before. I want to one day fly away with her previous self, all the way to Stockholm. If wishes were horses then she and I would be robbing banks.